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Whos   is   this????


that's me (JJBOY) dress up as girl in april 
of '97 with my friend Joy, (believe it or 
not that's a girl dressed like a guy, she 
looks good ha!)The high school I graduated 
from scheduled an activity week and in each 
of the days we got to dress differently,
It was cross dressing on Wednesday, and that's 
what me and three other guys did, yes out of 
the whole school only three guys dressed like 
girls WOW, and about maybe 20 girls dressed
also like guys... we had some kind of show during 
lunchtime and everyone got a kick for what I dared 
to do.....It's a day in my life i'll never forget!! 
peace XoXO 
(Joy if you're reading this please don't kill me! 
I beg for mercy..(gigles))_))

Another   sexy   sh


like what you see?
believe me or not that was 
my real hair, it took me 
maybe an hour and half to 
get ready actually thanks
to my cousin and my mom I got 
things together ....
I still remember those damn long 
nails, they were 
a pain because I couldn't do 
anything with them.....

I love this day....
I'm hoping halloween comes by soon! ;)

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