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Track listing is as follows:

1.{Pledge} 2. Rhythm Nation 3. {T.V.} 4. State Of The World 5. {Race} 6. The Knowledge 7. {Let's Dance} 8. Miss You Much 9. {Come Back Interlude} 10.Love Will Never Do (Without You) 11. Livin' In A World (They Didn't Make) 12. Alright 13.{Hey Baby} 14.Escapade 15.{No Acid} 16. Black Cat Lonely 17. Come Back To Me 18.Someday Is Tonight 19. {Livin'... In Complete Darkness} PLUS -THE RARE B-SIDES: 1.You Need Me 2.Vuelve A Mi (Come Back To Me)

Miss you much..The Remixes:::

(Single Edit) (Mama Mix) (Slammin' R&B Mix) (Slammin' 7" R&B Mix) (Slammin' R&B Dub) (Shep's House Mix) (Shep's 7" House Mix) (Shep's House Dub) (7" R&B Remix) (That Bass You Much Remix) (Oh I Like That Mix) (Sing It Yourself Mix) (Acapella)

Rhythm Nation 1814...The Remixes:::

(Single Edit) (12" United Mix) (7" United Mix Edit) (United Dub*) (House Nation Mix) (House Nation 7" Mix) (House Nation Groove) (7" CHR Remix) (Rhythm Mix) (Instrumental)

Escapade...The Remixes::::

(7" Getaway Mix) (7" Good Time Mix) (7" Housecapade Mix) (7" We've Got It Made Mix) (Shep's Good Time Mix) (Shep's Housecapade Mix) (The Getaway Dub) (Housecapade Dub) (Good Time Dub)

Alright....The Remixes::::

(7" Remix) (7" R&B Mix) (7" R&B Mix with rap) (7" House Mix) (7" House Mix with rap) (12" R&B Mix) (12" House Mix) (12" House Dub) (Hip House Mix) (Hip Hop Mix) (Tee's Club Mix) (CJ Radio Mix) (Tee's Extra Beats)

Come back to me....The Remixes:::

(I'm Beggin' You Mix) (7" I'm Beggin' You Mix) (Abandoned Heart Mix) (Vuelve A Mi (Come Back To Me) - Spanish) (Vuelve A Mi (Come Back To Me) - Castillan) (Instrumental)

Black Cat...The Remixes::::

(Funky 7") (Funky 12") (The Video Mix/short solo) (The Video Mix/long solo) (Vernon Reid Guitar Mix) ("3 Snaps Up" 7" Mix) ("3 Snaps Up" 12" Mix) ("3 Snaps Up" 12" Dub)

Love will never do(without you)....The Remixes:::

(Single Edit) (Work It Out 7") (Work It Out 7" with intro) (UK Funky 7") (The Love 7") (Shep's Work It Out Mix) (Shep's Love Mix) (UK Funky Mix) (Work It Out Dub) (UK Funky Instrumental)
(Single Edit) (United Nations 7") (Third World Mix) (Third World 7") (Third World Instrumental) (State of the House 7") (State of the House 12") (United Nations 12") (United Nations Dub) (State of the World Suite) (a. State of the House 12") (b. Make A Change Dub) (c. World Dance Mix)
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