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Track listing is as follows:

1)morning 0.31, 2)that's the way love goes 4.24, 3)you know..0.12, 4)you want this 5.05, 5)be a good boy 0.07, 6)if 4.31, 7)back 0.01, 8)this time 6.58, 9)miss janet 0.03, 10)throb 4.33, 11)what'll do 4.05, 12)the lounge 0.15, 13)funky big band 5.22, 14)racism 0.08, 15)new agenda 4.00, 16)love pt2 0.11, 17)because of love 4.20, 18)wind 0.11, 19)again 3.47, 20)another lover 0.11, 21)where are you now 5.47, 22)hold on baby 0.12, 23)the body that loves you 5.32, 24)rain 0.18, 25)any time any place 7.08, 26)are you still up 1.36, 27)sweet dreams 0.14. HIDDEN TRACK: Woops now 5.00

janet. Singles:

That's the way love goes .... The remixes.:: (CJ's 7" R&B Mix) (CJ's 12" R&B Mix) (CJ's FXTC Dub) (CJ's FXTC Club Mix 12") (CJ's FXTC Instrumental) (Macapella) (We Aimsta Win Mix part 1) (We Aimsta Win Mix part 2) (We Amista Win Mix Instrumental)
IF......The remixes:::::::: (Brothers-In-Rhythm House Mix) (Brothers-In-Rhythm House Dub) (Brothers-In-Rhythm Swing Yo Pants Mix) (Tee's Freeze Mix) (TNT Bass Mix) (Todd Terry Janet's Jeep Mix) (Todd Terry Radio Mix) (D+D 12" Mix) (Adult 12" Mix) (Adult 7" Mix) (Adult Dub) (Extended Mix) (Radio Edit) (Short Single Edit)
Again..... (Piano/Vocal) (French Version) (Instrumental)
Because Of love The Remixes::::::: (Frankie and David Classic 12" Mix) (Frankie and David Classic 7" Mix) (Frankie and David Treat Mix (Frankie and David Trick Mix) (Frankie and David Dub) (D+D Extended Mix) (D+D Bentley Radio Mix) (D+D Slow Version) (Muggs Full Hip Hop Mix) (Muggs 7" with bass intro)
Any Time Any Place.....The Remixes:::::: (R. Kelly Mix) (R. Kelly Single Edit) (Cj's 12") (Cj's 7") (Cj's Instrumental) (Cj's Macapella) (Jam and Lewis Remix) (D+D House Mix)
You want this!...The Remixes::: (Single Edit) (Remix) (Spoiled Milk. Remix) (House Anthem 7") (Mafia and Fluxy Dancehall Mix) (Mafia and Fluxy Club Mix) (Disco Theory) (Disco Theory w/o rap) (E-smoove's House Anthem) (E-smoove's Anthem Dub) (E-smoove's Underdub) (Funk Extravaganza) (Smoove Soul 12") (Smoove Soul 7")
(Non U.S. Commercial Realease) Whoops now/What'll I do.... Whoops now:(radio edit)(Album Version) What'll I do:(Dave Navarro mix)(Album edit)
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