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Track listing is as follows:

1)Runaway 3.34, 2)What have you done for me lately 4.44, 3)Nasty 4.03, 4)When I think of you 3.55, 5)Escapade 4.44, 6)Miss you much much 4.12, 7)Love will never do(with out you)4.35, 8)Alright 4.38, 9)Control 5.14, 10)The pleasure principle 4.13, 11)Black cat 4.47, 12)Rhythm nation 5.58, 13)That's the way love goes 4.25, 14)Come back to me 5.36, 15)Let's wait a while 4.36, 16)Twenty foreplay 6.08.
Also available on the Design of a Decade import 2 extra tracks:
1)Best things in life are free, Duet w/ Luther Vandross 2)Whoops now ( Hidden track on the janet. Album)

Design of a Decade Singles:

Runaway.......The remixes.. (LP Version) (Junior's Factory Mix) (Juniors Unplugged mix) (Junior's Radio mix) ('s hip hop mix feat. Coolio) ('s hip hop mix) (Silk Old skool radio mix {A/C Remix}) (Jimmy Jam street mix edit) (J.A.M. Sessions mix) (Jam & Lewis ghetto mix) ('s hip hop extended) (In da soul mix) (Kelly's bum & run edit) (Silk housy mix)
Twenty Foreplay......... (is a non U.S. Commercial Release.. THE REMIXES:::: (Slow Jam Mix) (Slow Jam Bedtime Mix) (Slow Jam Bedtime Edit) (Slow Jam Fantasy Mix) (Slow Jam Fantasy Edit) (Slow Jam International Edit) (Slow Jam Video Edit) (Junior's Jungle Club Mix) (Junior's Club Edit) (Junior's Radio Club Edit) (Junior's Raw Vocal Dub) (Junior's Tribal Mix)

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