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Welcome to Janet's Discography Page!

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Janet Jackson

........ Released in 1982 Jan's first album Ever!! 600 thousand or more sold world wide!

Dream Street

..... Jan's Second album with a few hits like: Dream Street, Don't stand another chance. 600 thousand or more sold world wide!


......... Realease date: September 15, 1986. Billboard Album Charts: #1 R&B Album #1 Pop Album 5 top hits. 10 or more Million sold world wide.

Rhythm Nation 1814

......... Realease Date: September 18, 1989 Billboard Charts: #1 R&B chart #1 Pop chart Seven top 5 Singles 10 or more million sold world wide


.......... Realease Date: May 18, 1993 Billboard Charts: #1 R&B chart #1 top 200 chart Four top five singles 10 Million or more sold world wide

Janet. Remixed

..... is a non U.S. release, the track listing is as follows: 1) That's the way love goes (CJ FXTC Club Mix), 2) IF (Brothers in rhythm house mix), 3) Because of love (Frankie & David treat mix), 4) And on and on (b-side track of the single any time any place), 5) Throb(Morales badyard club mix), 6) You whant this (E-smooves's house anthem), 7) Any time any place(CJ's 12" mix), 8) You want this (Nelle Hooper mix), 9) 70's love groove (b-side track of the single You want this), 10)What'll do (Dave Navarro mix), 11)Any time any place (R. Kelly mix).

Design of a Decade 1986/96

....... Release date: October 10th 1995, this is a collection of Jan's gretest hits, with two new tracks! 4 or more million sold world wide!

The Velvet Rope



Release: October 7th 1997, The most personal album in Jan's Carrer. 4 or more million sold world wide!
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