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This Personal CD Store was made by Tripod member JJBOY.

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World/New Age

Welcome to my online music store. You can check out my favorite artists and buy any of their albums (I've listed my favorites) or search for something totally different. Which ever way you slice it, you'll get great music at great prices!

Janet Jackson
She can Dance...she has the best waist line in the business...everything about her is sexy....and showing it she does...she even proved on big brothers crotch grabbing next time you're looking to spice up your life Janet could show you all you need to her latest CD "THE VELVET ROPE" and I promise you won't be sorry!

The Velvet Room
The Funky Janet Page!
Ther Velvet Rope
Every time

She's one of the most successful women in the music history...This diva wanted to rule the world and so she did...she doesn't only rule the world of her fans but their her latest album "Ray of Light" she gives the natural high that we all need to fell like....well if you buy the latest album you won't be sorry to find out!

Ray of light
The power of goodbye

Mariah Carey
She has a voice of a thousand angels...this sultry diva was part of an VH1 event that couldn't be complete with out her....she has the harmony and the melody that rocks the HOUSE......she is Mariah Carey and her latest album "# one's" it's not a greatest hits but a number one hit's album!

Sweet heart

Tori Amos
Tori is a powerhouse when it comes down to lyrics and music, her latest album " From the choirgirl hotel" was rated " **** " by Rollingstone magazine....this is her best work yet....delivering great songs like "jackies streghth" and "Spark" this woman in rock is great in the greatest diva list!

Tori- official website
From the choirgirl hotel
Jackie's Strength

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This Personal CD Store was made by Tripod member JJBOY.
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